About Us

Capture. Create. Connect.

We’re Studio 7 Productions, we believe stories can change the world. Capturing a meaningful story is never easy, but it’s the process and rewards of great storytelling that keep us coming back to the challenge. Since the late 1990s we have been producing corporate, commercial and non-profit videos and campaigns for major organizations and companies world wide.

Persistent in our process. Passionate in our pursuit.

We dig deep because we've seen the impact a story can make. The goal of Studio 7 Productions is simple: we want to help people tell better stories. This means not only finding the great stories, but finding the best techniques to tell those stories in an effective way. Studio 7 Productions knows how difficult this process can be, and our team is here to help you get started. As long as there are great stories out there to tell, we have no plans of stopping.

We are Studio 7 Productions.

Aryeh Gelbard, founder of Studio 7 received his Professional Degree from NYU School for Continuing Education starting his career in cinematography in 1990. Under his leadership Studio 7 Productions has helped non for profits and corporations raise millions of dollars thru their video and films, telling hundreds of stories in a highly effective inspiring and compelling way.

As Executive Producer of Studio 7 Productions, Aryeh oversees the company’s productions and spearheads the creative pre-production meetings and brain-storming sessions integral to Studio 7's success. He takes pride in his work and always strives to keep up with the latest industry trends. Meeting the needs of the companies that are looking to promote, document, send messages or just tell a compelling story to move viewers are his main goals.